Howlin’ Wolf


Howlin’ Wolf

Generally speaking, are Scottish folk tea drinkers or coffee drinkers? Don't know why this question popped into my head.

Neither. Irn bru is master beverage.

Dreamworld / China By: Tatiana Gorilovsky
Dreamworld / China By: Tatiana Gorilovsky

Deus Ex Human Revolution


Midnight, Lust Filth & Sleaze

"Satanic Royalty" album.

You give me lust you give me sleeze,
I’m gonna bust when you’re down on your knees,
You give me lust filth and sleeze, Lust filth and sleeze!!

The only gash I’ll ever need!!!


Picture the scene. Wednesday morning in the Volley. Me and Tommy are playing pool. No problems, and I’m playing like Paul fucking Newman by the way. I’m giving the boy here the tanning of a lifetime. So anyway, it comes to the final ball, the deciding shot of the tournament: I’m on the black and he’s sitting in the corner, looking all biscuit-arsed. Then this hard cunt comes in. Obviously fancied himself. Starts looking at me. Right fucking at me. Trying to put off, like, just for kicks. Looking at me as if to say, ‘Come ahead, square go.’ Well, you know me, I’m no looking for trouble but at the end of the day I’m the cunt with the pool cue and I’m game for a swedge. So I squared up, casual like. So what does the hard cunt do, or so-called hard cunt? Shites it. Puts down his drink, turns around and gets the fuck out of there. And after that, the game was mine.


Star Wars - first appearances - Darth Vader

Some dickhead called vicdoppelganger  tagged me to post 20 songs that appear on shuffle, so here’s the good tunes:

1. Fix Me - Black Flag

2. Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden

3. Motorcycle Man - Saxon

4. Away From the Numbers - The Jam

5. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch - Motorhead

6. Never Sellout - The Exploited

7. Motorbreath - Metallica

8. Hot Stuff - Donna Summer

9. Medicine Man - Pantera

10. Angel Dust - Venom

11. The Church Of Real Metal - Darkthrone

12. Crocodile Shoes - Jimmy Nail

13. World Anarchy - Kreator

14. Vagabond - Wolfmother

15. Coming On Strong (Bo Bellow vs. Euphoria Remix) - Signum

16. Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin

17. Peace Frog - The Doors

18. Criminally Insane - Slayer

19. Love Thang - Seasick Steve

20. Looking In Your Eyes - Suicidal Tendencies